The Cruising Essentials course is a 6 night live-aboard trip. The 2007/2008 winter session begins weekly January 6, 2008 and ends March 29, 2008. Classes will depart from Marathon, Fl traveling to Key West. The summer schedule begins June 15, 2007 and ends September 15, 2007. Classes will depart from Mackinac Island and travel to the North Channel or Door County.

Please call (612) 978-7939 for our current availability and any special dietary or medical requirements. We can also discuss your sailing goals and how they fit into our program.

Cruising Essentials Tuition Fee (plus applicable state sales tax)
The Cruising Essentials course tuition fee options are:

Option 1 - Guest Cabin with adjoining bath. $1500 per person or $2700 per couple. Includes Egyptian cotton sheets, a luxurious 10 inch thick mattress. Cabin can be converted from a double to two singles.

Option 2 - Crew Quarters $1000 per person. Single sea berths, share a bath and bring your sleeping bag.

Option 3 - Owners Cabin with full adjoining bath, $4000. Large, luxurious cabin with queen size bed, make up vanity and bath. 10 inch thick innerspring mattress, Egyptian cotton sheets and a pleasing stereo system.

These fees include accommodations and meals on board, instructor-led training, fuel for the sailboat, the Cruising Essentials Guide, the Annapolis Book of Seamanship and Cruising Fundamentals. Some trips may include restaurant stops which are not included in the fees. If you wish to take the course and bring a companion to audit the course, the cost is 80% of the course fee per person not participating in the course.

  • Minimum (2) people, maximum (6) per course
  • Small Boat Sailing may be added to the course for $495/person (includes 2 additional days on board)
  • All fees for Florida courses are subject to 7.5% Florida Sales Tax

Payment Terms

  1. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. Note, if a student cancels a class and the student begins a new class within 15 months, all but $200 of the original deposit is applied to the new class.
    • Payments may be made with a Credit Card, Check, Cash or Money Order.
    • We offer a 2% discount for payments that are not Credit Card.
  2. The balance is due 45 days before the class begins. If payment is not received, we have the option to cancel the student or wait for a late payment.
    • Payments may be made with a Credit card, Check, Cash or Money Order.
    • We offer an additional 2% discount if full payment is made with the deposit.

Cancellation Policy

  1. If a student cancels at any time and we are able to fill the class (6 students), the student will receive a full refund.
  2. If we cannot fill the class and the student cancels before 45 days of the class date, all money is returned except for the $500 deposit. Note, $300 of the deposit can be applied to a new class within 1 year. In other words, you will loose only $200 if you reschedule within 1 year.
  3. If we cannot fill the class and the student cancels after 45 days of the class date, no money is returned. Here again, the student can apply all but $200 to a new class within 15 months. Sorry for the complexity but we are trying to provide fair choices.

Course Materials

The Cruising Essentials Guide will be mailed to you upon receipt of your reservation deposit. Prior to the start of your course, it is important that you read and study the portion of the material labeled “learn now”. The Annapolis Book of Seamanship and Cruising Fundamentals will be provided to you when the course begins.

Boarding and Departure

Boarding is after 4:00 pm on Sunday and departure is before 11:00 am on the following Saturday.

Hold Harmless Agreement

Because cruising can be dangerous you will be asked to sign a hold-harmless agreement. Equipment can fail, boats can be tossed about and crew members can slip. Injuries and even loss of life can occur. Neither Sail Training Inc. or any of it's owners or employees can be held liable for injuries or loss of property.

Pictures by Arne Krogsveen

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