Vespera Miscellaneous Repairs

Here the swing-keel pin is being removed using a porta-power. The pin is solid stainless steel 2.5” x 13”. The original pin was in good shape we found but we wanted a pin that could be greased so a new pin was fabricated.

A new swing keel pin was fabricated using a stainless that was both resistant to corrosion and resistant to rolling on itself. Typical stainless will mush out when hammered. A grease nipple was put into each end of the new pin. Grease channels ran across and around the pin.

A strong aluminum beam was added under the deck along one side of the pilot house. The beam did double duty. First it stiffens the deck on the side of the pilot house where there are no bulk head supports. Second, the beam is a backing plate for the genoa track.


Stan Sroga



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