Bulk Heads

Vespera’s bulk ran into the wet bilge where they soaked up water. Rot started in 100% of the bulk heads that ran into the bilge. To cure the problem the bulkheads were sliced of just below the floor line and ferro-concrete footing were built to support the bulk heads. See below.

After the bulk heads were sliced off the fiberglass laminate below the bulk head was prepared for the footing. The laminate was ground down with a 36 grit dick and coated liberally with Vulkem 45 polyurethane.

Next a form was built for the concrete footing. A thin galvanized wire mesh was placed at the base of the footing Heavy galvanized steel grate used for elevated warehouse flooring was cut so that a layer of grate could be inserted every 3 inches as the new footing was poured.

The form was completed and tested for strength before concrete was poured.

After the concrete was poured and allowed to 80% cure the forms were removed and Vulkem 45 was used to coat the concrete. This helped seal the concrete and bond the concrete to the sliced bulk head.


Stan Sroga



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