Our 1 week, live-aboard training cruise in the Florida Keys/winters and Lake Huron or Michigan/summers aboard a 46' cutter will provide an exciting, educational experience. Our goal is to help you understand the difference between the few critical skills that you must master from the blizzard of trivial skills that can wait. We start building the critical skills and provide you with the right self-training tools so that you can bring your cruising dreams to life at your own pace.

We Offer More and Less than Traditional Sail Training

The More:
We offer a comprehensive approach where we consider your boat as well as your skills.

Before we learn to cruise we consider the right boat. If you're considering buying or chartering a boat, we'll discuss how to select a boat to meet the wave conditions that you intend to sail through. If you own a boat, we’ll teach you how to determine your boat’s wave limitations. No amount of skill can make up for living on a boat that's mismatched to the wave conditions.  

Next we focus on the essential cruising skills, skills that need to become reflexes:

  • 4 points of sail and related sail setting for all wind/wave/current conditions
  • 3 knots
  • 6 nautical terms
  • Anchoring in 5 bottom conditions
  • Tides
  • 10 navigation aids
  • 1 simple GPS navigation technique that is not rooted in the past or the future
  • 3 "Rules of the Road"
  • Cures for mishaps that will surely occur (e.g. grounding and diesel air locks) 

The Less:
We focus only on the skills that you must master—we leave the trivia for you to learn at home.

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