Cruising Essentials Guide
Table of Contents

Chapter 6: Rules of the Road
Overview & Goals
Where & When the Rules Apply
Four General Themes Within the Rules
Right-of-way by Boat Rank
Right-of-way for Vessels of Equal Rank (excluding sail)
Right-of-way for Between Sailing Vessels
Inland Compared to International Rules
  • Three Basic Differences
  • Inland & International Sound Signals
  • Inland Radio and Light Signals
  • Boats Crossing
  • Boats Meeting
  • Boats Overtaking
  • Western Rivers
Narrow Channels, International
Traffic Separation Schemes, International
Reduced Visibility, International & Inland
Special Situations not Covered by the Rules
Signals & Vessel Size
Lights, Sounds and Shapes
  • Lights and Shapes
  • When Displayed
  • Lights Defined
  • Lights, Sounds and Shapes by Right-of-way Rank
Distress Signals
Safety Equipment
Can the Rules-of-the-Road Protect You? Not by Themselves. A True Story
Why the Rules-of-the-Road, Alone, Will Not Protect Your Recreational Boat



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