Cruising Essentials Guide
Chapter Table of Contents

Chapter 4: Anchoring & Docking
Why is Anchoring so Important?
Building a Good Anchoring Attitude
Anchoring Goals
A Practical Anchoring Problem
Anchoring Definitions (scope, depth, bottom types, anchor types)
Determining the Bottom Make-Up
Determining the Depth & Depth Change
Determining the Anchor Line Length
Setting Your Anchor
Determining Where to Anchor
Anchoring in a Strong Current
When to Abandon an Anchorage
Raising an Anchor, Trip Lines
Storm Anchoring
Securing Your Anchor On-Deck
Docking Goals
Docking Definitions (bow-line, stern-line, forward spring, aft spring, breast line, hawser, chocks, cleats, prop-walk, right-hand-prop)
Approach a Harbor Dock
Docking the Boat
  • Typical Light Air Docking
  • 20 Knot Winds off the Dock
  • 20 Knot Winds toward the Dock
  • 20 Knot Winds from the Bow
  • 20 Knot Winds from the Stern
  • Docking in Tides or Storm
  • Storm Swells with two Finger Slip



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