Cruising Essentials Guide
Chapter Table of Contents

Chapter 2. Basic Sailing
Captain and Crew Responsibilities
  • Boat Parts (port, starboard, bow, stern, aft, abeam, beam, abaft)
  • Wind Direction (windward, leeward, lee, lee-shore, starboard tack, port tack, tack, jibe)
  • Sails (jib, genoa, staysail, mainsail, foot, leech, luff, clew)
  • Sail Controls (sheet, halyard, down-haul, out-haul, boom vang, draft, twist)
4 Points of Sail (close-hauled, beam-reach, broad reach, downwind run)
  Basic Sail Trim Rules for 4 Points of Sail
Upwind & Off the Wind Sail Trim Rules (flatten, twist, reef)
  • Genoa & Jib, Upwind
  • Mainsail, Upwind
  • Genoa & Jib, Off the Wind
  • Mainsail, Off the Wind
Downwind Sail Trim Rules
  • Headsail, Downwind
  • Mainsail, Downwind
  • Sail Change Chart
Tacking & Jibbing
Winch and Brake Operation
Sailing a Compass Course
Getting the Right Sails
Starting the Engine
One & Two Lever Transmission/Throttle Controls
Prop Walk
Practicing Quick Turns in Reverse & Forward
Turning in Wind & Currents While Motoring
Motoring in a Narrow Channel
Towing a Dinghy
Critical Hand Signals
Important Knots (Bowline, Cleat Hitch, Half Hitch)
Passing Through Locks



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