Cruising Essentials Guide
Chapter Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Waves & Boat Limitations
  • Getting the Right Boat for the Waves
  • Your Boat’s Limitations in Waves
  • Predicting Waves
Why is the Way a Boat Rides so Important?
Wave Characteristics
  • Period
  • Height
  • Length
  • Rogue Waves
Factors that Affect Waves
  • Fetch
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Duration
  • Depth Change
  • Current
Factor Combination that Creates the Roughest Waves
Predicting Rough Waves
What Boat do You Need?
Estimating Your Boat’s Wave Limitations
  • Comfortable - Green Zone
  • Uncomfortable - Blue Zone
  • Dangerous - Red Zone
Practical Use of the Comfortable - Green Zone Limits
How the Comfortable - Green Zone Limits are Calculated
What do the Dangerous - Red Zone Limits Tell Us
Practical Use of the Dangerous - Red Zone Limits
The Pardey Example



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