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Student Quotes:

"What a great week! Stan filled our heads with sailing knowledge and Kathy stuffed us with fantastic food. Thanks to both of you for inspiring us to sail our little boat on our own adventures."
Roni Evans, Bloomington, MN

02-23-07 "Kathy is a gourmet chef. The food was amazing and she planned menus to meet individual preferences. Every meal was a treat. Stan is an excellent teacher. He covers the basics of the course while catering to your individual questions, interests and experience level. Days were spent on the move sailing and evenings cracking the books, exploring resources, planning routes, etc. We put in long days and I learned a tremendous amount. This was an excellent investment in my sailing career! Thanks for a great time."

Tex Teixeira, Marshall, NC

03-16-07 "Thank you so much for allowing me to travel with you both and to learn (relearn-unlearn-learn) more about sailing. It has been a good lesson to me about the power of the sea and wind." Scott Cramer, Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to Sail Training, Inc. We're a Cruising School with Heart.

What we teach and don't teach is what sets us apart. We offer a comprehesive approach to cruising. We're not just about the right training, we're about the right boat. We're about everything needed to make cruising work.

Our onboard course is designed to expose you to the essential skills you need to get out of the marina and cruising new waters. These skills you can practice on your time until they become part of you.

Once you've mastered the essential skills, our Cruising Essentials Guide provides you with a starting point for self-study. Our guide includes several topics and many skills that you can learn at your own pace after completing our course.



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